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Self Awareness Consultancy UK

Self Awareness Consultancy - managing telephone aggression and defusing violent and aggressive behaviour

SAC UK are the United Kingdom’s leading consultancy and training specialists in Conflict Management, Family Assistance, Substance Abuse Awareness and Stress Management.

Our experience has enabled us to develop training partnerships with:

Helping the NHS equip their staff to deal with aggression and violence in the workplace Staff who work within the Service are faced with escalating forms of aggression and violence. On a daily basis, staff deal with aggression both on the telephone and face to face from members of the public. SAC UK is the UK’s premier consultancy and training provider in managing aggressive and violent situations within the NHS.

Training the staff of the UK National Probation Service to deal with verbal and physical aggression

The National Probation Service (NPS) is a major component in reducing crime.

The NPS are actively committed to rehabilitate offenders given community sentences and those released from prison. They enforce the conditions of their court orders and release license’s and take whatever steps in their power to protect the public. In the course of their work they face verbal and physical aggression. Staff can face situations where their personal safety is at risk. SAC UK is the largest independent consultancy and training provider to the NPS in personal safety, managing aggression and violence and substance misuse.


We provide training in the following areas:

  • Personal Awareness
  • Foreseeing and defusing aggressive and violent behaviour
  • Managing telephone aggression
  • Lone working in the community
  • Mass fatality family assistance
  • Drug awareness
  • Personal assault disengagement
  • Physical interventions
  • Stress/Critical Incident Stress Management
  • Trauma and Grief Support

The training programs are designed to:

  • Enable staff to examine their existing knowledge and attitudes
  • Discuss approaches to working practice
  • Develop self awareness
  • Provide a platform to practice individual and team intervention techniques
  • Promote a safer working environment

Training Objectives:

  • A reduction in occupational assault.
  • A reduction in employee absence from the workplace
  • Reduced staff turnover
  • Improved staff morale engendering a higher quality of care

All training is conducted in a proactive and interactive forum.

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